Company Divisions and Linkages

  • NMG Africa comprises of a number of key operating sub-structures which deals with each respective offering, essentially forming the NMG Africa brand. Our 6 member International Advisory is a key resource of our structure.
  • These individual operating sub-structures combined with its large expertise, proven track record, professionalism and overwhelming Intellectual Property (I.P) development, makes NMG Africa a Globally respected  key player.
  • Each operating structure and part/ service provider is geared to provide a complete tailor made solution to all of our clients from the initial analysis and audit requirements of each client, right through the design, implementation, installation and commissioning stages.
  • NMG Africa provides all its clients with ongoing technical support and maintenance that is built into the delivered requirement.
  • With our key partners such as WF Construction, we can undertake projects that involve extensive construction and civil engineering components as part of any of our projects