C2I International Training

NMG Africa and C2i International Training have an agreement in terms of training provision. The C2i website can be reached at  http://c2i-international-training.co.za : (click the C2i  Link button below)


C2I International Training started from a needs based requirement of industry. Control, Communications and Information, the key elements of Megatech 2030, was seen as key features of the upskilling of the workforce in Africa the Middle East and Asia in order to keep ahead of the AI curve. C2I International Training, as an educational service provider, offer high quality courses and services to individuals and organizations who require training. They  provide Professional Training in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Leadership and Management up-skilling.

* C2I operate according to ISO 10015:1999 /SANS 10015:1999 QM for Training , ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems, OHSAS/SANS 18001:2011 Occupational Health and Safety and ISO/IEC 17024 standards certification.